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Apple Design Part 1: Skeuomorphism | skeuomorphism.


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skeuomorphism và các Thông tin liên quan đến đề tài này.

Phần 1/2: bài luận video về Scott Forstall và kỷ nguyên thiết kế đa hình của Apple. Xem phần 2: Nguồn Adam Lashinsky – Bên trong Apple: Người được ngưỡng mộ nhất nước Mỹ – Và sự bí mật – Công ty thực sự hoạt động như Apple, Big Sur và sự trỗi dậy của thuyết Neumorphism – Scott Forstall, Người học việc của phù thủy tại Apple – Wikipedia Skeuomorph – (Tháng 9 năm 2020) Scott Wikipedia Forstall – (tháng 9 năm 2020) Code Break 9.0: Sự kiện với Macklemore & Scott Forstall – Ảnh chụp màn hình có nguồn từ Chương 0:00 Giới thiệu 1:07 Fishes 2:23 Lickable 3:33 Chiếc iPhone đầu tiên 4:36 Skeuomorphism 5:50 Nghiên cứu điển hình: Đĩa mềm 6:52 Du hành thời gian 8:21 Vụ án chống lại Skeuomorphs 9:18 Fall from Grace 10:09 Outro Music Dyalla – Help Me, OP-1 Ugonna Onyekwe – Destination Unknown Asher Fulero – Night Snow Geographer – Synth Wind Future Mono – Long Road Future Mono – Mặt trời đánh thức Tháp ánh sáng – Stuck In The Tides – Dream Escape Wayne Jones – Độ phân giải Blue Thứ tư – Máy ảnh cài đặt Dusk: Canon 60D w / Ống kính Magic Lantern: EF 28-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS USM Micrô: AmazonBasics Máy tính để bàn Mini ngưng tụ Softwa lại: Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Pixelmator Pro, Logic Pro X.

Apple Design Part 1: Skeuomorphism và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

Apple Design Part 1: Skeuomorphism
Apple Design Part 1: Skeuomorphism

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#Apple #Design #Part #Skeuomorphism.

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Apple Design Part 1: Skeuomorphism.


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  1. I'm sorry but you lost me with the 'save icon is outdated to newer generations.' because societal memory and indirect emotional association are a thing. Also app-specific skeuomorphism was not be-all-end-all back in those days, for example the settings app which used more generic themes but with a twist. There is a difference between system-wise and app-specific (if they designer want to add it) design.

    IOS 6 introduced a hint of a possible future for skeuomorphism, that which was lighter. But they just dumped it all. Reminds me of so many Councillors dumping public schemes that had value to the community because 'it wasn't working quite right.' The new trend coming soon is a lot in parts a rebranding of what we could have had 5 years ago.

    Remember Robert Moses? Instead of repairing the 'slums' he bulldozed communities for white concrete highways 'that would have modern houses on top'. And now those areas are dirty as shit, with still the same traffic sewers. The Dutch also had 'slums', but what they did was the complete opposite and now they are a holiday destination for their rich history (that note no one today was alive to see). I'm thankful Jane Jacobs stood up to this stuff in NYC and Canada.

  2. I personally am a fan of skeuomorphism and miss the old way iOS and other Apple software used to look, I have been less than pleased since the new flat design was introduced a long time ago at this point…but I must say, the new MacOS design is a perfect mix between the fresh look that was brought about with the flat design-sense and the skeuomorphic feel of the past. I absolutely love the new MacOS design and would be extremely delighted if they brought it to iOS/iPadOS next. For the first time in a while, I will feel the way I felt using their products once upon a time. The rest of the experience using Apple products is still there, but I've missed the tangible skeuomorphic feel while consuming the UI.

  3. Hi Jerry,

    I almost never comment on YouTube. I had to this time, though, because your content is simply superb. Not only is what you have to say richly researched and interesting, but your production value suggests you've got a dedicated team behind you (I'm guessing it's just you, though, and so hats off to an amazing job well done!).

    I sincerely believe that if you keep up with this you're sure to find additional viewers who will be as impressed as I am with your content. I've already sent this video to my wife and tech friend, and I'll likely spam other friends with it, too. It's that good.

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