HELPDESK – how to get started in IT (your first job) | helpdesk | | Kiến thức học thiết kế hữu ích nhất

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HELPDESK – how to get started in IT (your first job) | helpdesk.

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helpdesk và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến nội dung này.

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HELPDESK – how to get started in IT (your first job) và các hình ảnh liên quan đến đề tài này.

HELPDESK - how to get started in IT (your first job)
HELPDESK – how to get started in IT (your first job)

>> Ngoài việc xem chuyên mục này bạn có thể tìm xem thêm nhiều mẹo hay khác do chúng tôi cung cấp tại đây nhé: Xem thêm tin tức mới cập nhật tại đây.

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Mong rằng những Chia sẻ về chủ đề helpdesk này sẽ có ích cho bạn. Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều.

#HELPDESK #started #job.

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HELPDESK – how to get started in IT (your first job).


45 thoughts on “HELPDESK – how to get started in IT (your first job) | helpdesk | | Kiến thức học thiết kế hữu ích nhất”

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  2. I worked my way from a warehouse temp to the front office that has external IT so now im helping roll out their safety chain system and scripting thing for them. All while I learn coding and they are certifying me in soft skills so I can move on. Is this decent to get a tech job. I know python fairly well and I've done alot of IT. I figured office experience along with real world IT and scripting experience.

  3. After highschool I bartender for 4 years. Building my resume focusing on that customer service experience and building my own pc I got my start in a help desk position. Absolutely loving it. Found your channel the other day while Linux was giving me a headache 🙂

  4. I literally just saw this video on Sunday. I applied for 3 jobs on indeed, and one of them was for a Network Engineer Entry Level which I honestly applied with no experience thinking I definitely wasn’t going to get an interview. Woke up Monday morning to an email from one of their recruiters requesting an interview. I have an interview on Thursday, and I’m now consuming everything I can before the interview. Thank you for being my online mentor!! You rock man!!

  5. Just started your video and I already want to sub.
    I'm trying to make the switch to IT and you just gave me a confidence boost.

    I was working in a factory as a lab tech for 4 years. On their application they needed 2 years lab experience, and a 4 year degree in science. I had all that, and said I was a good fit. Then after I was hired on. People moved onto other jobs, left, or got fired.

    The people we hired to replace them, had no college, no certs, no experience in lab. They just had experience somewhere else, like retail or factory floor work. That was, "good enough" for my company.

    What you said about a "wish list" is so true. These companies want the world, but they should be more realistic.

  6. To the people that need to see this. I’ve had more follow ups and interviews to jobs I didn’t qualify for than the ones I 100% qualified for. If it’s something you enjoy doing start taking the little steps at first. I literally landed my first IT job with a password generator program I wrote, put it on my GitHub and a certificate from Coursera. Had no other experience. Point is if you enjoy doing it and make steps to show that, you’ll at least make it to the interview phase of the hiring process.

  7. This is true. I worked as help desk on gmis. I got job because I applied few times and kept applying. Never moved beyond that. But with the company I learned from that before customer experience actual calls was 3 months training on networking and Cisco systems determining how to identify flapping Vs not working cables etc. I really wish they did not move the help desk to a cheaper country wage wise. South Africa now… Uhm but yeah do not crap on that help desk. Many people did not have responsibilities that were same as mine at the time and they could survive few months after and got those promotions and now many of them are still in IT and not ccna or such they are architects now…

  8. Brother in IT family

    I want your advise I have Bachelor degree and I have received Job opportunity as Service Desk in big telecom organization and my big dream and passion is to be Telecom Network Engineer..

    knowing that this is not my first job I already have 2 years experience n currently im lab technician in university (but that not what i like to do)
    I want to know if choosing the service dest is the correct path ?

  9. Folks. Go to indeed. These channels are BS. It clearly said you need a BS and that's what most companies want. This guy doesn't even work in IT anymore. Hes getting rich off of you dummies

  10. I dont mean to whine, but I just started my first IT help desk job and i hate it; the pay is barely $16 p/h and its an MSP so I have to deal with different clients and different environments (between 7-15). I am 3 months away from attaining my BA in Cybersec, and I only got this after I applied to like literally 45 places!!!

  11. I'm hoping to get a helpdesk job. I'm almost done getting a IT certification from google and i'll be working on my compTIA A+. I'm going to look for a helpdesk job after i get these certifications but i'm worried i wont get hired because i've been out of work for 5 years. I guess even if I dont get hired i have a bunch of knowledge and know how to do stuff i hadn't known before. So there's an upside i suppose lol

  12. I work in help desk but now I'm in other country that do not recognize my diplomas or my skills because they are not recognized in this country. What to do? Thank you for your response in advance

  13. One thing I would add to the entire subject at or around 1:14:13
    Help desk experience will be required for many jobs, it teaches you basic fundamentals that will go a long way. If you have 3 certs but no experience I would suggest to jump into a help desk immediately! Even if its for 6 months, who knows? you might find your dream job within.
    Or if you go door to door or word of mouth to some administrator you might know can possibly get you an in as a analyst or SOC engineer.

  14. I never took help desk because I did not like taking phone call for phone support alone. I went for Desktop Support instead. Yes there is some phone calls you receive with this but you tell them that you be on your way to help them.

  15. I am just starting my Path To an I.T Career and I can't tell you how much this Video and the Others I have watched are Helping Me. Thank you for These and everything you share with us!

  16. There was a guy that works at the IT company where I work .. he got hired for help desk. He was telling us how Network Chuck told him not to get his A plus and basically this guy said he was too good for anything we where teaching him .. Well he got fired lol

  17. I applied for a help desk position and they hired me as the assistant.. I was filing paper work for a day then they sent me to cover lunch for someone .. I reformatted a computer and they where like your in .. they moved me up to tech .. I’m at the storefront .. I do help desk and replace computer screens/ hdd/ etc etc on ocasión

    Why do I work this job? Well it affords me to play with computers lol I started off with “ let me see what happens if I delete system 32 .. let me see what happens if I …

    And I’ve learned a lot and even figured some issues out that senior techs couldn’t .. I’m going to school for cyber security but help desk is pretty coo

  18. I'm working in IT Helpdesk for over 15 years. Not because I'm dumb to climb the ladder, but it is because when I would go up there is little customer contact. And that is something I really would mis. For me I do 1st and 2nd tier support and love to do workplace support and taking on calls.
    It can be a great satisfying feeling helping the person in need.

  19. Broo I just came across treasure watching this video! Been looking to transition into IT full time but didn’t have the clearest direction until now..28 years old and looking to start off ground level and work my way to more specialized roles like Data Analytics, CyberSec(Cloud Security), A.I. First things first though..Get that Help Desk ✔️ and build from there! Thanks again for this gem of a video bro 💎 Much love from San Antonio/Austin TX

  20. Idk… help desk jobs here in Jacksonville look to only be paying 35k a year… meaning ill have to take a hit of a few k from a job w/ no degree or training.

  21. There’s so much hype about needing a degree for cyber security and being just fine with Certs. Some say you need 6-10 years of experience other say that you can get in after having a couple of years experience in Networking. As a professional what are you seeing. I don’t want to go to college however I’m willing to train & work hard but I hate college and the crazy debt they put students in. Is anyone in cyber security that could provide some insight. I already do remote call center work but not IT related

  22. I have two degrees in the IT/Computer field setup Novell Servers, windows servers, and Linux servers, built computers, created web pages, helped non-English speakers by phone with computer problems, did remote programming in the late 80s and 90s but I get told I am not qualified enough even by the FBI recruiter when the FBI did not have an IT department after getting my BS degree, I have been stuck in one low paying job after another so getting certifications is costly and with damage to my short term memory it takes me longer to memorize the material to certification exam.

  23. Hey Chuck, thanks for all the videos you make. Just like you said in the beginning of your video if you have customer service experience you will most likely get hired for service desk/help desk. I’m one of many that has had that same experience. This week I just finished my first week of training with service desk learning the Jira ticketing system and the AS400 system.


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