How to set PG/PC interface in TIA portal | set portal

How to set PG/PC interface in TIA portal

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PG/PC interface setting is important to communicate between PLC and Computer. When we need to upload and download the program from PLC and computer. Before starting this setting please go to the control panel and go to the view option and select large icons. In this option, you will see \”Set PG/PC Interface\” and double click on this option. Select Access Point and go to the Interface Parameter Assignment option. If your communication media is MPI cable then select PLCSIM.MPI and if you have ethernet communication then select PLCSIM.TCPIP. This depends on your PLC communication port and communication media.

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How to set PG/PC interface in TIA portal

Siemens TIA Portal PLC tutorial – How to set PG/PC interface

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Short video, where you can see, how to set PG/PC interface resp. Access point of the application for S7ONLINE(STEP 7) via Control panel of Windows.
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Siemens TIA Portal PLC tutorial -  How to set PG/PC interface

Dubdogz – DOGPRIVATE #15 (AiR Rooftop, São Paulo – SP) Insomniac Residency

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Dubdogz - DOGPRIVATE #15 (AiR Rooftop, São Paulo - SP) Insomniac Residency

Alpha Portal @ Boom Festival 2018 [Full Set Movie]

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Alpha Portal @ Boom Festival 2018 [Full Set Movie]

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