IT:Entry Level Helpdesk (First Day At Work Tips) | helpdesk | | Kiến thức học thiết kế hữu ích nhất

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IT:Entry Level Helpdesk (First Day At Work Tips) | helpdesk.

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helpdesk và các Nội dung liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

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IT:Entry Level Helpdesk (First Day At Work Tips) và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

IT:Entry Level Helpdesk (First Day At Work Tips)

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IT:Entry Level Helpdesk (First Day At Work Tips).


47 thoughts on “IT:Entry Level Helpdesk (First Day At Work Tips) | helpdesk | | Kiến thức học thiết kế hữu ích nhất”

  1. Great content as always. What's not always expected is how information is hoarded in the workplace. Videos like these help deliver information that isn't covered on A+ exams and is often not shared by veterans in the workplace. Nice stuff!!!

  2. I'm currently trying to apply for a help desk position without the A+ cert. I'm hoping to be able to get one during my security+ studies

  3. I start a desktop support role next monday thanks to you. I'm scared shitless though, I'll be setting up printer networks and troubleshooting network issues for a school district, I've done this stuff at home no problem but I'm nervous now lol

  4. I like that you are telling people to install AD but your not gonna get passed netsec in most companies if it's not already on there, and if it is there will more than likely be an admin prompt, and you will need to speak w/a systems admin to get it on there.. (What I am trying to say is you can't just search for it and install it on most L1 Help Desk environments if it isn't already on there, unless you are working in some small level IT more like SOHO, but not Enterprise) However I do like the video, and appreciate the fact you are sharing knowledge for beginners.

  5. Have a question
    When their is a problem that i can‘t solve, can i use google to look up how to solve this? Or is this some kind of a forbidden thing to do?

  6. I work for the Alameda County EMS IT department on a contract.

    Here’s my experience from the few weeks since I started my job:

    1. I was given tasks to manage equipment inventory, I created an excel worksheet that includes all the assigned equipment that we are supposed to give out to users.

    2. Image the new laptops in the inventory, what we use to image devices are USB bootable’s that have Microsoft Deployment Kit. Once you boot up to the USB you will see a list of tasks sequences of different computer images from various other departments. I made sure to pick the image we have for our department.

    3. Configure the imaged laptop to have Bit-locker and CrowdStrike (Security software). After that we call in the users with their respective assigned devices and deploy them. The procedures I did was following a checklist my manager made, so first thing is let the user login into the new laptop, checked if their Microsoft licenses where activated (If not we call the ITD department which is the center of IT in the county to activate the MS account). We install the county VPN, which users use to access county network and access their shared drives along with the intranet when using the web browser. The VPN they use only remotely from home or out in the field.

    4. Once deployed, check in with the user and follow up for any issues and questions they might want to know.

    Those are basically my first two weeks of working there. The next we had a meeting on the various project we would work on, that includes imaging/re-imaging devices, activating and installing Bitlocker and Crowdstrike to devices that did not meet our security compliance policy and migrating users personal shared drives into OneDrive. We also had a new project to migrate department shared drives into share point and train the users on how to use the platform.

    So that’s my experience, thanks for reading.

  7. How long did it take for you to have the confidence to do the IT help desk job? Also, how long did it take for you to master it? I ma nervous with a new help desk job.

  8. Hello Kev!. Am interested to learn IT help desk and service desk. where i should start? Do you have to enroll in IT course to be successful in this path?. Thanks in advance!

  9. Thank you for this information sir!! I may be starting my first IT job very soon. I see a lot of ppl here saying that they started theirs as well. Good luck and blessings to you all!! I’d like to start an update chain, if that’s ok. Please reply to me stating how it’s going for you, pros and cons, what you’ve learned, and tips for all of us on the IT path ! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Hi there,

    My internet connection sometimes disconnects. I'm about to sign up for the Comptia A+ and before I put down the money I want to make sure this career is suitable for me. i've worked a lot of terrible jobs, I just want to finally make a living wage.

  11. Really? Help desk being the most entry level position in IT, Majority of help desk employees would NOT have access to AD! Are you kidding me? So much potential for compromising the system. AD is by far not for entry level employees. No company would allow access to entry level personnel.

  12. I started working with IT, and i never worked with it be4. they know about it and want to give me a shot. Its specialist firstline support. But its alot more stuff that i need to do, like to go on alot of diffrent servers and stuff. Im useing alot or AD (RSAT-AD) but i dont want to fuck stuff up, is there like a vid somewhere that could help me to do job better? Kind Regards OhThatsYou

  13. I was asked something similar in an interview and I said "I have access to your server". Paused, then chuckled. Everyone in the interview laughed.

    3 days later I got the job.

  14. I'm a 6year IT help desk. I've been trying to move out of it to bigger roles but there seem to be no jobs in my country (Nigeria). I'm now considering remote work any ideas please.


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