Jay Prince – Polaroids | polaroids | Kiến thức học vẽ đẹp

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Jay Prince – Polaroids | polaroids.

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polaroids và các Nội dung liên quan đến nội dung này.

Đăng ký Trapdoor: Theo dõi Jay Prince.

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Jay Prince – Polaroids và các hình ảnh liên quan đến đề tài này.

Jay Prince - Polaroids
Jay Prince – Polaroids

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Jay Prince – Polaroids.


47 thoughts on “Jay Prince – Polaroids | polaroids | Kiến thức học vẽ đẹp”

  1. This dude is from the UK and you can hear the accent. Which is why I tell people from there that it’s not the accent all the time. You can make it work with your accent. Very cool chill ass song.

  2. can the beat maker do a tutorial please? In my opinion this sound will be the new benchmark for a whole new decade. This Song is nearly 6 Years old and now listen to the new Drake Album, then you should know what i mean.

  3. [Hook: Jay Prince & Raheaven] (X2)
    Make you feel something
    It's that thing that make you feel so good we keep it bumpin'
    Straight up funky
    It's that Bump it's that Funk, it's that thing that make you jump
    It's that Bump it's that Funk, it's that thing that make you jump

    [Verse 1: Jay Prince]
    Where they gone put the city on the map no vacation
    Your time coming homie stay patient
    They be saying Jay momma call me Jason
    Never was I put in a good situation
    People like me had to make a way and..
    Figure it out on my own, Balling out on this loan
    If you know then you know
    If you don't then I hope
    One day we gon' make it out this joint
    Chilling with the homies that be rolling up a joint
    I don't even smoke homie thats just point…
    Less nigga im just tryna make my point
    Come from where I'm from you get tested
    Damn the funk is up you don't mess with
    Me I swear this shit gon' get messy
    I ain't even violent I ain't even trying
    Niggas get silent
    Sirens, all I ever hear coz we tryin
    To make a living, Imma tell you how I'm feeling
    I'mma tell you where the realist be at
    Same old niggas talking wanna be that
    One step ahead homie did you see that
    Rat race homie, I'm the leader of the pack
    Backpack homie, Kool-Aid sippin'
    Cool J chilling, East side chilling
    Sticking to the roots homie ain't no weave
    All I ever want is space to create and breathe
    Might sound cray, homie that's just me
    Can a nigga just dream?
    Might sound cray homie that's just me
    Let a nigga dream


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