42 thoughts on “Photoshop Logo Design Tutorial || How to Make a Logo in Adobe Photoshop | photoshop logo design | Kiến thức học vẽ đẹp”

  1. Can anyone tell me why after transfering my final layer into the mockup, the red color dissapears and the final version is only in grey color? Thanks!

  2. @AKGraphicCreation

    Very useful video!!!

    I just have a question regarding the Mockup. How do you get the original colors to show? I've been trying for a while and it doesn't work on the Mockup, however, it does work fine with the 3D Glass Mockup

  3. That's a really helpful video to the ones who are still trying to create an own logo as a beginner!!!
    And that's fit to me as well. You got 1+ sub. Keep it up.


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